How to submit content for the website

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I'm going to experiment with throwing up more original content from people within /gq/ on the website. All content submitted will be filed under the "Original Content" category. Articles should be at least somewhat related to shit that is commonly discussed in /gq/.

Since most of /gq/ is technically illiterate, the majority of this guide will be focused on ensuring the technically illiterate retards that frequent the general can submit content to the website without having any web development knowledge to speak of.

If you're generally familiar with static website development and have a good understanding of Markdown, go ahead and skip to the Markdown section (Option 2) below to take a look at the example Markdown and send your submission to

Submission Guidelines / Rules

This isn't TFB. There's no money to be made and not a lot of standards to adhere to, I will not pay you for articles and I can not give any real guarantees about what other articles may go up in the future that yours will be associated with.

Generally speaking anything that is:

  1. Not explicitly illegal under US law
  2. Something somebody who frequents /gq/ would want to read

Will go up, but the second point is vague for good reason, I don't plan on shitting on anybody else's hard work and will generally publish whatever anybody takes the time to write but ultimately if the website starts getting bogged down with a lot of different shit as time goes on I may restructure how articles are organized (ie. introduce new categories and change the category of your submission) or adjust the submission criteria.

Basically treat the content you submit like a very elaborate post on your favorite image board general and make the same assumptions. The only major difference and 100% guarantee I can provide is that whatever attribution / credit that is attached to the article when it goes up will stay with that article for as long as it is on the site and that I will not edit the content of the article in any way without direct and explicit consent from the e-mail that originally submitted it except to fix web page formatting issues.

Option 1: Google Drive

If you're choosing this option you're probably not going to care about the implementation details of the website so I'll spare you the details and just explain simply.

I use tools to automate formatting and styling the articles and pages on this website so that you don't have to. Keeping your articles simple and following these instructions will help you write shit quickly and save me a lot of headache with getting your content posted.

  1. Download the example document file
  2. Open the file in your Google Drive account and read it. most of the instructions are contained with the example file.
  3. Write your article using the example article for guidance on formatting / styling
  4. Change your sharing option to "Anybody with a link". I will not log into a Google account to view your submission under any circumstance so if you have personal info associated with your Google account and you're worried about being associated with /gq/ I highly recommend you just make a new account to share the document
  5. Send the Google Doc link to with the Subject "Article Submission" or something similar
  6. Wait. I do this for free and it may take me a day or two to get back to you but as long as the article isn't complete garbage I assure you I'll have it up as quickly as possible or let you know if there's a problem.

Option 2: Markdown file submission

  1. Read / Copy the Markdown below and use it as a formatting guide for your own Markdown
Title: Title of the article
Date: 2021-07-01
Category: Original Content 
Author: whatever your name is

[//]: # "Above is the metadata needed by the static site generator to generate a new entry on the website. Please try to format this correctly, I'll do it for you if the rest of the article is good but I'd rather not. Don't try to get cute with the Category section either, everything is getting filed under Original Content and if you put something else it's goign to be changed to that"

[//]: # "By the this and the element above it are comments, don't try to use them like metadata or something stupid and try not to use them in your Markdown. If there's something you need to communicate to me just do it in the submission e-mail"

# Title of the article 
This is text of the article. Above is the header, this should be the same as the Title in the Title metadata defined above. If they're different I'm going to change them so that they are the same.

The title should be the only h1 header in your article. Don't try to include the Author name in the Markdown, as long as it is in the metadata the static site generator will handle the rest. 

## Some header to organize your article or whatever

Other than the metadata and the restriction on h1 use I really don't care what you do. I'll make sure that your article's formatting isn't broken before it gets put on the site and if there's a problem I'll contact you via e-mail to fix it. 
  1. Send the file to with the Subject "Article Submission" or something similar
  2. Wait. I do this for free and it may take me a day or two to get back to you but as long as the article isn't complete garbage I assure you I'll have it up as quickly as possible or let you know if there's a problem.